Allied Health Practice Software

For those without existing software, those who are mobile, or those who have multiple sites. Our secure practice software solutions are designed to meet all your needs. Manage all patients and documents, such as progress notes, letters as well as incoming and outgoing results in real-time.


Explorer Online

Explorer Online

Medical-Objects Explorer Online is a web‑based solution that makes creating and managing clinical correspondence a breeze. At the click of a button you can seamlessly send and receive results from your personal desktop, laptop or tablet. You can also send PDF documents to recipients in seconds.


Manage documents and patients from anywhere.

Send Reports and PDFs

Send reports straight from Explorer Online, or directly from Microsoft Word using our Word Plug‑in. You can also send PDFs for reports containing graphs, charts and diagrams.

Helpdesk Support Icon

Help Desk Support

We are dedicated to providing 5 star rated unlimited helpdesk support for referrers. Our helpdesk operates during business hours and is backed by our helpful and experienced support team.

Patient and Report Management

Patient and Report Management

You can manage all your patients and their reports from anywhere. From progress notes to incoming and outgoing clinical correspondence.

Activity Report


The Medical‑Objects Activity Report is an advanced auditing feature included in Explorer Online. At the click of a button, you can instantly track all sent or received results in real‑time.


Increase practice efficiency with more extras

Word Plug-in Software

(Optional Module)

The Medical-Objects Word Plug-in is an add‑on for your word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. The Plug-in allows you to send letters directly from Microsoft Word. Additionally, PDFs can be sent with just a few clicks. All results are delivered in real‑time, which means increased efficiency for your practice.

My Health Record Access

(Optional Module)

Explorer Online now integrates with the national My Health Record, making it easier and faster for allied health to view patient records and upload event summary documents.

My Health Record in Explorer Online Sample

Patient Questionnaires

(Optional Paid Module)

Utilise PROMs to improve patient outcomes and increase the efficiency of your practice. Our PROMs solution cuts waiting room times by allowing patients to complete questionnaires on a tablet. The completed results are then sent directly to Explorer Online or compatible practice software in real‑time.


Safely manage results while promoting your practice.

Secure Practice Software


All results are protected with high level encryption and security. Therefore, you can be assured that your results are safe when using Medical‑Objects.



When you join our network, you are automatically added to our provider directory. Therefore, you can enjoy the marketing benefits of being promoted to over 108,500 health professionals with Medical-Objects.

Secure Hosting and Backup

Secure Hosting and Backup

All data is backed up and stored on our private servers in an industry leading data centre in Australia, enabling your practice to work from multiple sites and remote locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I receive?

Our allied health practice software allows you to receive GP referrals, specialist reports, pathology results, radiology results, hospital discharge summaries, pharmacy reports, allied health consultation letters, and more.

Can I send letters

Yes you can! All you need is Explorer Online or our Word Plug-in. The Word Plug-in allows you to send letters directly from Microsoft Word. In fact most consultation letters can be sent with just a few clicks. Alternatively you can also send reports directly from our Explorer Online allied health practice software.

Can I track my results and letters?

Yes you certainly can! At the click of a button, you can see all results that were received or sent via a Delivery Report. No more lost faxes or letters! You will know the status of all results. How good is that?!

Is it secure?
All results are protected with world class security solutions like PGP encryption, user authentication, and network security. When using Medical-Objects you get the best security and peace of mind.