Publishing Policy

Customers may use the Medical-Objects trademarks and images for communicating to their network of health professionals to promote the use of the network.

The Customer shall not publish anything which would be considered defamatory, offensive or would infringe the rights of third parties.

The Customer may use the Medical-Objects trademarks and name on their web site, brochures, letters and other marketing material as long as it is for the use of promoting their capability of using Medical-Objects. Examples of this may include:

  • A letter informing a referrer that they can now receive by Medical-Objects.
  • A letter from a GP to a specialist, laboratory, diagnostic imaging or otherwise that they would like to receive results through Medical-Objects.
  • A message on a website or brochure outlining that a practice has the capability to deliver through Medical-Objects and provides a link to the Medical-Objects Website (
  • A Medical-Objects partner who has a product or service that integrates or leverages the Medical-Objects network. People wishing to become Medical-Objects partners may contact us.

If you require clarification of any aspect of the Publishing Policy, please contact us.