Reasonable Use Policy

The Medical-Objects software package consists of a range of tools that provide a communication service to the customer base allowing for communication of clinical information to other parties. Unlike systems like email, the Medical-Objects software can determine where a message is sent from and all unsolicited communications can be traced back to its originator. As such only the delivery of health related information should be delivered from one site to another. The following scenarios are strictly prohibited on the Medical-Objects network.

The Sending of advertising in any form including, but not limited to:

  • Advertising of a new practice/lab/service.
  • Sales of personal or business items such as cars, equipment etc.
  • The sending of knowingly false information to a destination site. (Sending of test information to confirm a site is operating correctly is allowed).
  • The Customer shall not publish anything which would be considered defamatory, offensive or which would infringe the rights of third parties.
  • Attempts to ‘poach’ or recruit doctors or staff from other medical practices.

The practice of unsolicited communications is strictly prohibited on the Medical-Objects network and those parties that partake in this practice will be disconnected from Medical-Objects Services.

In addition, Medical-Objects will not support solutions under its standard support arrangements to sites supplied to customers who are using unsupported products such as Operating Systems that are not supported by their vendors, such as Microsoft or Apple; or Practice Management Systems that are not supported by the companies who own the licence to those products. In these events work can be done to manage integration, but work done will be charged on an hourly basis regardless of the outcome of the work done. In addition, specialised HL7 messaging support is not covered under standard support arrangements.

Should any clarifications be required on the reasonable use policy, please contact us.