Integration Tools

The Medical-Objects Eclipse software is an integration tool that can enable communication between different messaging systems. Many of the messaging systems used by various providers can differ in subtle ways. The Eclipse software allows you to perform a variety of different functions on incoming and outgoing messages to ensure that they reach their destination correctly.

Eclipse Functionality includes:

  • Monitoring for files in directories
  • Encrypt and Decrypt files
  • Perform Email operations (SMIME/PGP/GNUPG)
  • Transform messages in a number of ways
  • Upload and Download Files
  • Perform a number of conversions on the file such as cleaning up HL7 messages to ensure compliance
  • Convert PIT to HL7
  • Convert HL7 to PIT
  • Convert HL7 to Text
  • Generate Digital signatures
  • Generate HL7 Messages based on Templates/CSV files
  • Download HL7 orders
  • Perform Scripting actions on the message
  • and many more

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