Online Results

Online results is a web solution that provides a simplistic but secure means of accessing your results. It provides our larger customers with an optional solution for their referrers. Some referrers may have the following issues that could interrupt normal delivery:

  • No practice software
  • No fixed office
  • Strict security policies
  • Firewall rules that limit connectivity

These issues can cause our standard messaging solutions not to work effectively and therefore the Online Results system is a fantastic alternative ensure results are delivered.

Get Mobile Results

On the move? You can get results when out of the office. Online Results is compatible with iPhones and iPads.

Browser Compatibility

Online Results runs on all popular internet browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Simple to Use Interface

Online Results runs exclusively in a web browser and gives an entire Web 2.0 Experience so that your users are informed what is happening and they get the best experience possible.

Customised Logos for your specific branding

The Online Results system can be customised with your logos, we can also work with your team to make sure that the URL works with your current domain, for example:

HL7 Technology

Results can be sent from your pathology system in HL7 format to our Online Results software where they are available when requested.