Practice Software

For those without existing software, those who are mobile, or even those who have multiple sites, our Practice Software has been designed to meet the needs of medical professionals.

The Specialist Practice Software enables your practice to send patient letters directly from the software or Microsoft Word to other health providers, and receive eReferrals and patient correspondence directly into the Specialist Explorer software.

Open your business to the Medical-Objects network and link to more providers when you join Medical-Objects. You are automatically added to the provider directory and not only do you get access to the directory, you also get the marketing benefits of being promoted to over 65,500 health providers Australia wide.

Sending a Letter Demonstration

Save Time

No longer will you have to deal with scanning and faxing. All correspondence received will go directly into your practice management software.

Hosted Solution

Medical-Objects hosted solution is located in our private cloud here in Australia, enabling your practice to work from multiple sites and remote locations.



All results and letters are protected with high level encryption and security. When using Medical-Objects you can be assured that your results are safe.


Edit and Release

The Specialist Practice Software allows you to edit and release letters that have been typed and pre-addressed by a receptionist or off-site typist. Sending can be performed by the Specialist with a single click of a button.

Save Money

By utilising Medical-Objects Secure Messaging at your practice, you can eliminate all costs associated with traditional sending and receiving methods.

Patient Management

The Specialists Practice Software keeps your reports organised and stored in the patients file.


The backup of your data is managed by Medical-Objects. If your computer fails, we can restore your data to a new computer in just a few minutes.


Advanced View

Easily view abnormal and cumulative results at a glance. Our customised graphing tools will assist with analysing your test results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I Receive?

The Specialist Practice Software allows you to receive GP referrals, Specialist Reports, Pathology results, Radiology results, Hospital Discharge Summaries, Pharmacy reports, Allied Health Consultation letters, and more.

Can I send Letters?

Yes you can! All you need is the ‘Word Plug-in‘. The Word Plug-in allows you to send letters directly from Microsoft Word. In fact most consultation letters can be sent with just a few clicks. Alternatively you can also send reports directly from the Specialists Practice Software.

Can I track my Results and Letters?
Yes you certainly can! At the click of a button, you can see all results that were received or sent via a Delivery Report. No more lost faxes or letters! You will know the status of all results. How good is that!
Is it Secure?
All results are protected with world class security solutions like PGP encryption, user authentication, and network security. When using Medical-Objects you get the best security and peace of mind.
Can it run beside other secure messaging software products?
The answer is yes! Our secure messaging software uses a small amount of computer resources and can be installed beside other messaging products like Argus, MQlink, Fetch, Promedicus, and Healthlink. Open your business to the Medical-Objects network and link to more health providers.