General Practitioners

Secure Messaging

Medical-Objects secure messaging enables you to send referrals and automatically download correspondence directly into your practice management software, removing the need for filing, faxing and scanning. All results sent or received are delivered in real time and that means super-fast delivery.

Open your business to the Medical-Objects network and link to more health providers. When you join Medical-Objects you are automatically added to the provider directory. Not only do you get access to the directory, you also get the marketing benefits of being promoted to over 78,500 health professionals.

Download Client

Send Referrals

Our real-time solution allows you to send referrals directly from your practice software to Specialists, Allied Health, Hospitals and more.

Save Money

GP’s need only send 4 Referrals per week using Medical-Objects to break even and have the software pay for itself.



All results are protected with high level encryption and security. When using Medical-Objects you can be assured that your results are safe.

Installation and Training

Our friendly helpdesk staff will perform installations and training with no disruption to your practice.


Medical-Objects integrates with the majority of GP practice software, such as: Medical Director, Best Practice, ZedMed and more.


Save Time

No longer will you have to deal with scanning and faxing. All correspondence received will go directly into your practice management software.


Delivery Report

At the click of a button, you can track all correspondence received via the Medical-Objects Delivery Report.

Patient Questionnaires (Optional Module)

Our PROMs solution cuts waiting room times, by allowing patients to complete questionnaires on a tablet that can be sent directly to Explorer Online or compatible practice software. Read More

Integrates with all major Practice Software

Also Shexie, Medical Spectrum, Communicare, VIP, GPComplete, The Practice, and any other practice software that can import HL7 or PIT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I receive?

The Download Client allows you to receive Pathology results, Radiology results, Hospital Discharge Summaries, Pharmacy Drug Reports, Allied Health Consultation letters, Specialist letters and more.

Can I send referrals?

Yes you can! All you need is ‘Trinity‘ our Referral Software and with just two clicks you can send electronic referrals. (See the ‘Sending a Referral‘ video)

Can I track my results and referrals?

Yes you certainly can! At the click of a button, you can see all results that were received via a Delivery Report.  No more lost faxes or letters. You will know the status of all results. How good is that?!

Is it secure?

All results are protected with world class security solutions like PGP encryption, user authentication, and network security. When using Medical-Objects you get the best security and peace of mind.

Can it run beside other secure messaging software products?

The answer is yes! Our secure messaging software uses a small amount of computer resources and can be installed beside other messaging products like Argus, MQlink, Fetch, Promedicus,  and Healthlink. Open your business to the Medical-Objects network and link to more health providers.