Secure Messaging Saves you Money

Read on to find out how Medical-Objects can help you substantially reduce your yearly costs by utilising our Secure Electronic Messaging within your practice.

Sending Savings

By utilising Medical-Objects Secure Messaging at your practice you can eliminate all costs associated with traditional sending methods. Think of the costs associated with the following:

Traditional Sending Costs

  • Paper
  • Printer Ink/Toner Cartridges
  • Envelopes
  • Stamp Prices ($1 per Letter)
  • Admin Time to send a letter/fax
  • Follow-Up Phone Calls to check Delivery

Using Medical-Objects allows the GP, Specialist or Allied Health user to send letters and referrals directly from all major Practice Management Software or even Microsoft Word. In addition the letters/referrals are sent directly into the recipient’s Practice Management Software. This eliminates the need for all the above costs. Medical Objects also provides a REAL-TIME audit trail which can detail when the letter has been delivered to the practice or even imported into the receiving software.

Cost Analysis Scenario for Sending with Medical-Objects

20c Sheet of Letterhead Paper (based on $99 per 500 sheets)
5c Envelope ($22 for 500 envelopes)
$1 Stamp

That’s a cost of $1.25 per letter sent. That’s not including consumable costs such as ink, or even admin costs. Imagine the time it takes to print the letter, print the label, place in envelope. Post the letter. Let’s say 5 minutes per letter. At $19 an hour (award rate) it’s costing you $1.58 in admin costs alone per letter. A total of approx. $2.83 for every letter sent.

‘This doesn’t affect me because I fax my letters’

Admin time to print letter, create cover letter, fax document, file receipt. Approx. 6 minutes per fax. 10 faxes an hour at $19 per hour equals $1.89 in admin time alone to fax a letter. Adding 30c to 50c for the transmission of the fax brings the total up to over $2 per fax.

Faxing is not the most cost efficient way of sending for the below reasons:

  • Faxes do not give the same peace of mind as a full audit trail
  • Faxes require follow up calls to the recipient to ensure a successful and correct delivery

Letters sent through Medical-Objects can be transmitted in Real Time to the recipient and in their practice software within moments of you sending the report!

Receive Only Savings

By utilising Medical-Objects Secure Messaging at your practice you can eliminate all costs associated with traditional Receiving methods. Think of the costs associated with the following.

Traditional Receiving Costs

  • Fax/Copier Paper
  • Admin Time to handle incoming Mail/Faxes
  • Admin Time to Scan or Copy incoming Mail/Faxes into your System

Cost Analysis Scenario for Receiving with Medical-Objects

Lets imagine a practice receives a referral by post. Think of the time it would take to: open the mail, place in scanner, scan the referral, import into patient file in practice software and filing the original paper document. 10 minutes a letter? At $19 an hour you are paying $3.16 in admin costs to process a letter.

Consider a practice who receives 40-50 faxes a day. Transferring those faxes into digital copies in your practice software would effectively use a whole staff member for the whole day. Imagine how much better that time could be spent attending to your patients or answering calls while Medical-Objects delivers that referral directly into your Practice Software, allowing it to be matched to a patient in the click of a button.

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