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Using Medical-Objects allows the GP, Specialist or Allied Health user to send letters and referrals directly from all major Practice Management Software or even Microsoft Word. In addition the letters/referrals are sent directly into the recipient’s Practice Management Software. This eliminates the need for all the above costs. Medical Objects also provides a REAL-TIME audit trail which can detail when the letter has been delivered to the practice or even imported into the receiving software.

Cost Analysis Scenario for Sending with Medical-Objects
20c Sheet of Letterhead Paper (based on $99 per 500 sheets)
5c Envelope ($22 for 500 envelopes)
$1 Stamp

That’s a cost of $1.25 per letter sent. That’s not including consumable costs such as ink, or even admin costs. Imagine the time it takes to print the letter, print the label, place in envelope. Post the letter. Let’s say 5 minutes per letter. At $19 an hour (award rate) it’s costing you $1.58 in admin costs alone per letter. A total of approx.$2.83 for every letter sent.…/secure-messaging/…/secure-messaging/

Secure Messaging Calculator

Secure Messaging Calculator

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