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At Medical-Objects we are dedicated to being the best in the industry. On this page you can read reviews from a number of our many customers who enjoy our products and services. We are very proud of our accomplishments and will continue to provide our customers with the best products, service and technology.
Ann from Dynamic Stride Podiatry wrote

Complicated issue handled very professionally. Thank you.

vijay from brendale family practice wrote

Awesome work. Highly appreciated for the response

vijay from brendale family practice wrote

Quick response, terrific work

Amanda from Q-Psych Psychologists wrote

Very helpful, Quick to fit the problem.

Roz from Hinterland Podiatry wrote

Excellent service, phone call answered promptly and both people I spoke to were able to help and explain what was going on.

Pentlowe Health wrote

great assistance

Melissa from Kawana wrote

Were very quick to respond and have now hopefully fixed our problem. Very helpful Thank you

Shantelle from Sleep Solutions wrote

Very helpful

Lily Le from Rickard Road Medical Centre wrote

Great support with fast issue troubleshooting to help the practice resume to normal operation.

Tarni from Proactive wrote

Quick and easy fix =)

Zoe from Care for you at Home wrote

All problems have been resolved in a timely manner - thank you !!!

wendy keegan from cvc wrote

patient and kind - happy to give any assistance. However my problem lies with the people not including me in their distribution lists from their reports

Ann from Dynamic Stride Podaitry wrote

Great service - Problem solved! Thank you

Sam from Medeco Inala wrote

Good. Please followup 3 issues regarding Med Objects/Trinity 1. Relabelling the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons in Trinity to "SEND NOW" and "Continue without Sending" respectively 2. Change the addressee, referred by fields to be accurate 3. be able to customise title of documents being sent.

 Medical-Objects Follow-up Response...

Thank you Sam, this has been noted and passed on to our software developers. Thank you for the 5 Star rating and for your feedback, it helps us provide a better service 🙂

Daniel from Bega Garnbirringu Health Service wrote

Quick and easy. Service wasn't running. We are experiencing other issues that are unrelated to Medical-Objects at this time.

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Feedback and Reviews from just a few of our very many customers who enjoy our products and services.
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