Information Pack

Welcome to Medical-Objects

Your practice has recently been set up with Medical-Objects software (Capricorn) that will enable you to receive electronic results and letters directly into your Practice Management Software. Capricorn is designed and setup to run automatically. If the software stops running or you are not receiving results please contact the Medical-Objects help desk.

Keeping your Provider Information Up To Date

It is important that you keep your current provider list up to date with us, otherwise you may receive results for providers who no longer work at your practice, or you may not receive results for any new providers who join your practice. To add/remove a provider, simply click the relevant links below and fill out the requested information.

How to check your Delivery Report

One of the benefits of having Medical-Objects is the ability to view the Delivery Report. This report gives a full audit trail of all reports that come into your practice as well as those that you send out. For information on how to understand your delivery report please see our video guide or visit the link the wiki below for printable guides. Please note that you are responsible for the checking of your own result delivery. If you are having problems with result delivery you must contact the Medical-Objects Helpdesk.

Delivery Report Printable Guide (Windows)

Delivery Report Printable Guide (MAC)

Delivery Report Video Guide

Backing up your Medical-Objects software

All users of Medical-Objects Capricorn client should ensure that a backup copy of the C:MOCapricorn folder (Default Capricorn installation path) is made regularly. If you have installed to another directory then you should backup accordingly.
The Capricorn folder contains an archive of all messages sent/received through the system which can be used for auditing purposes if required.

Changing your Practice Software or PC’s

If you change Practice Software or replace your Server you may also need to reconfigure your Medical-Objects software. If you are planning on changing your software or server computer please contact the Medical-Objects Helpdesk and we can arrange an appointment to reconfigure your download client and make the transition as quick and seamless as possible.

Other Available Features of Medical Objects

Medical-Objects is not just a download client. We have numerous software packages available for all types of health professionals. Including the ability to send referrals and reports to GP’s, Specialists and, in some areas, Hospitals.
For more information on what we can do for you hover over ‘Health Professionals’ on the menu bar above, choose your specialty and click the ‘order’ button to see the packages we can provide. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.