We are often asked what makes us Australia’s Fastest Secure Messaging system?

Put simply, it’s all down to our unique real-time point to point system. Read on for more info.


So what is real-time point to point?


Point to point means that anything sent through the Medical-Objects network is sent directly from one users Medical-Objects client to another. For example, a radiology report to a GP, or a GP referral to a specialist, etc.

With other competitor products, a ‘store and forward’ approach is typically used. In this approach the sending client sends the result to a central server, whereupon the recipient has a software client that ‘polls’ the central server for new reports over a set period (i.e every 30 minutes). In some cases the sending client may only transmit every 30 minutes, meaning it can potentially be up to 30 mins before it leaves the senders end, and potentially another 30 mins for it to be downloaded, taking in total up to an hour for a message to be sent and delivered. In the case of receiving an acknowledgement of receipt, this could mean a potential wait of up to 2 hours before you have confirmation of delivery.

With Medical-Objects real-time point to point technology, your message is instantly transmitted to the recipient. If for some reason the recipient’s software is offline, for example, their PC that runs the Medical-Objects client is turned off, the message will remain on your system until such time as they come back ‘online’. This means non repudiation of receipt. Your reports will either be with you, or the recipient, and not sitting on a server in between. You can be assured of the delivery status when looking at the Delivery Report.


You have heard of Secure Message Delivery (SMD), but have you heard of Secure Immediate Message Delivery (SIMD) ?


If you are a GP practice, you will probably be the most familiar with SMD (Secure Message Delivery).  As part of the eHealth Practice Incentive Program (ePIP), GP practices were required to be using SMD compliant messaging software as well as other non messaging related requirements. Medical-Objects are listed as as SMD compliant on the NEHTA ehealth product register  It is important to note that as well as being SMD compliant, Medical-Objects is the only vendor that is SIMD Compliant.


So what is SIMD ?


With other systems, when a message is sent, there will be a variable length delay between when a message is sent and when the response acknowledgement is received. This delay is undesirable when a user using a computer terminal sends off a query and expects a response shown on their display for their selection.

Secure Immediate Message Delivery (SIMD) was one aspect of the SMD technology specification which came about due to Medical-Objects requirement to ensure that a message could be sent to a receiver endpoint and a response message could be obtained from the receiver in a single transaction without delay.


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