GELLO is a HL7/ANSI standard decision support language. It has its roots in OCL but has been optimised and extended for decision support. Its primary role is as a query language for obtaining clinical information from a EHR system in a standard way. It uses an abstract “virtual medical record” (vMR) so that the same GELLO code can run on multiple systems accessing data stored in different formats.

The vMR is a simplified view of the HL7 V3 RIM (Reference Information Model).GELLO cannot alter a medical record but can perform complex logic in order to make a decision about a patients care. It can be used to provide standards based data access for other advanced decision support applications.

Medical-Objects produced the first GELLO compiler in clinical use and uses GELLO for Guidelines (using GLIF or Guideline Interchange Format) and for constraints, validation and calculated fields in Archetyped data entry.

It is also used to create complex data series for graphing or statistical analysis.In our initial deployment the GELLO engine can abstract HL7 V2 data to produce a vMR that is RIM compliant. It can be integrated into any system that can provide structured data through the abstract vMR interface. It integrates seemlessly with the HL7 based Medical-Objects EHR servers and has full support for SNOMED-CT expressions using canonical forms to compare different SNOMED-CT pre and post co-ordinated concepts. It also has LOINC and ICD-10 support.Medical-Objects use of GELLO v.1 and development of Revision 2 represents the cutting edge of Clinical Decision support capabilities using a standards based, cross platform, high performance GELLO engine.

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