Are you still posting your correspondence using traditional methods?

Did you know that if you post anywhere from 4-7 letters per week, that you could save money by using Medical-Objects to send to your referrers?

With recent speculation that the Government plan to increase the price of stamps to $1, there has never been a better time to start sending your correspondence electronically with Medical-Objects

Sending your results electronically has many advantages over traditional methods such as ‘snail mail’ and faxing.

  • All correspondence sent through Medical-Objects is delivered instantly using our real time solution. We provide Australia’s fastest secure messaging
  • All transmissions are encrypted and secure, able to be opened only by the intended recipient.
  • Delivery reports, showing you exactly when the report was¬†delivered, as well as when imported by the recipient’s practice management system
  • Saves time (and money!) on both the sending and receiving of correspondence, with no more printing or scanning.
  • Meets government guidelines for the transmission of patient data

See our page on how Secure Messaging saves you money

If you are interested in being set up to send electronically contact us here…

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