Explorer Online

Explorer Online is a web-based solution that makes creating and managing clinical correspondence a breeze, with the ability to seamlessly receive and send clinical correspondence from your personal desktop, laptop or tablet.

Explorer Online Screenshots

Advanced & Highly Configurable

You can create letters in the word processor, import scans and create templates, all with the ability to set individual restrictions on confidential records.

Send PDFs

You can also send PDF documents to recipients in seconds. This is ideal for reports containing graphs, charts and diagrams.

Patient & Report Management

You can store and manage patient information including their reports, progress notes, as well as incoming and outgoing clinical correspondence.

My Health Record (MyHR) Access

Explorer Online now allows access to view the national MyHR, making it easier and faster to view patient records and access its benefits.



All results and letters are protected with high level encryption and security. You can be assured that your results are safe.


At the click of a button, you can instantly track all correspondence sent or received via the Explorer Online Activity Report.

Secure Hosting & Backup

All data is backed up and stored on our servers located in a industry leading Data Centre based in Australia.

Patient Questionnaires (Optional Module)

Our PROMs solution cuts waiting room times, by allowing patients to complete questionnaires on a tablet that can be sent directly to Explorer Online or compatible practice software. Read More