Explorer Desktop

Medical-Objects Meridian

Medical-Objects Explorer Desktop is a clinical application that makes the creation and management of reports a breeze. It is what is known as a ‘rich thin client’ with advanced data analysis, including cumulative results and graphing technology. Explorer Desktop is built to be mobile for users on the go and it works seamlessly.

Popular features of Explorer:

  • Create letters in the word processor
  • Send consultation letters via HL7 secure messaging in real-time
  • DICOM support for viewing and saving DICOM images
  • Store patient information and results in the patient database
  • Use from a USB stick for mobility
  • Scan or import documents, templates and images
  • Create and print labels
  • Provider search via the Medical-Objects directory
  • Data analysis and graphing
  • Delivery Report to confirm delivery of results or letters

Advanced features of Explorer include:

  • Built with certified HL7 standards
  • Security with PKI and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption
  • Uses digital signature evaluation and generation
  • Future support for the Medical-Objects decision support systems
  • Enhanced security. Access to reports is restricted at the individual report level as well as supporting the confidentiality markers
  • Low storage costs with HL7 messages (over 100,000 encrypted HL7 pathology tests/letters will fit into 75MB)
  • Utilises archetypes for customised reports
Explorer Screenshots

MIMS Australia is a leading supplier of quality, independent medical information to Australian healthcare professionals. Developed and enhanced over the past 40 years, MIMS offers medicine information via print, PDA, CD, online, and is fully integrated into Medical-Objects Explorer. For more information, please visit the MIMS website here.

MIMS is an addition to Explorer and requires a subscription. To subscribe or find out more about MIMS Integrated in Medical-Objects, please contact the MIMS Client Services Team on 1800 800 629 or email clientservcies@mims.com.au

For users over fifteen (15) FTEs please contact Dinah Graham on +61 (0)2 9902 7760 or email dinah.graham@mims.com.