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At Medical-Objects we are dedicated to being the best in the industry. On this page you can read reviews from a number of our many customers who enjoy our products and services. We are very proud of our accomplishments and will continue to provide our customers with the best products, service and technology.
Cherie Burge from Dr Matthew Burge wrote

Problem fixed

Cherie from QCIOS Orthopaedics wrote

Fantastic support.

Kevin from Richmond Fine Dentistry wrote

Excellent assistance

Dr Irshad Rasheed from Hamilton Health Hub wrote

We had issues with importing of results. It was from BP Service not running in the back ground and that was promptly found and corrected by your agent. Thanks so much.

Jo Davy from Functional Health wrote

Fantastic service and very efficient

Dr J Randhawa from Apollo Specialist Centre wrote

I have always appreciated your prompt customer service.

Nikki from Varicose Vein Clinic wrote

Fantastic fast help solved issue immediately thank you

Natalie from Denmark Hill Professional Group wrote

He fixed it immediately and was super friendly but professional at the same time.

Cherie from Hinterland Ultrasound wrote

Fast helpful install

Melissa from Innovation Podiatry wrote

Excellent help. Thank you. Super quick.

Ron from Buderim Bulk Billing wrote

Always very helpful HelpDesk staff!

Heather Fogg from Dermatology @ 480 wrote

Outstanding service. Thank you

Heather Fogg from Dermatology @ 480 wrote

I called with a basic question. Regarding how to load a template into Medical Objects using ether the meridian version or a plug in. I need to send a template to the typist that uses the plug in? I still don't feel like I received a definite answer of how to achieve that. It seemed more like a guess or for me to trial & error the solution myself over days of communication with the typist working from home. I'm wasting time when you should have instructions. Verbal instructions from a technician.

 Medical-Objects Follow-up Response...

I am sorry for your experience, we will look into the case and make sure the technician has the appropriate knowledge moving forward. Thank you for the 5 star follow up rating. Thank you CEO

Kirsty Ferguson from Bloomhill Cancer Care wrote

Fast and friendly support. Thank you

Mariette Nahuijsen from Mariette Nahuijsen wrote

Very helpful, issue fixed quickly.

Medical-Objects Reviews

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Feedback and Reviews from just a few of our very many customers who enjoy our products and services.
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