Medical-Objects have released an all new version of our popular referral client. The new client is now capable of sending copies to other doctors, as well as being able to send patient summaries with the relevant title.

New Referral Client Features

Your Referral Client may have updated itself automatically to the latest version. You will know if you are running the latest version if you can see the ‘Advanced’ tickbox (see image below) when sending a referral. Simply click this button to access the new features.

Advanced Button

If you do not have the new version running,  you can download it at the link below.

Download Medical-Objects Referral Client

The following video guide has been created, showing how to send a Patient Summary in Best Practice.

Send a Patient Summary with the Medical-Objects Referral Client.

Other guides (video and printable) can be found here

As has always been the case, the referral client also allows you to send digitally signed referrals with PKI if desired. Medical-Objects wrote the standard that makes this possible and are still the only vendor to offer this capability.



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