Specialist Secure Messaging

Our secure software solutions allow you to send results directly from your practice software or from Microsoft Word. Get results delivered directly into your practice software in real-time. You can also instantly receive results as a PDF document, which is perfect for those without existing software.


Track results and send PDFs in real-time.



At the click of a button, you can instantly track all correspondence sent or received via the Medical-Objects Delivery Report.

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Send PDFs

You can also send PDF documents to recipients in seconds. This is ideal for reports containing graphs, charts and diagrams.

Real-Time Results

All results will be delivered securely in real-time, directly into your practice software or as a PDF document. Not to mention the time saved when sent results are instantly delivered!


Download Client

The Download Client allows you to send and receive referrals and results from specialists, general practitioners, allied health, pathology, radiology and hospitals. Medical-Objects integrate with most specialist software vendors, so you can receive results directly into your practice software. Even if you don’t have practice management software we can output results as PDF.

Download Client Infographic

Word Plug-in Software

Send Results

The Medical-Objects Word Plug-in is an add‑on for your word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. The Plug-in allows you to send letters directly from Microsoft Word. Additionally, PDFs can be sent with just a few clicks. All results are delivered in real‑time, which means increased efficiency for your practice.

Delivery Report


At the click of a button, you can track all results that were received or sent via the Medical‑Objects Delivery Report in real‑time.

Patient Questionnaires

(Optional Module)

Utilise PROMs to improve patient outcomes and increase the efficiency of your practice. Our PROMs solution cuts waiting room times by allowing patients to complete questionnaires on a tablet. The completed results are then sent directly to Explorer Online or compatible practice software in real‑time.


Marketing and savings for your practice.



Many GPs will not refer to those who don’t have a secure messaging system in place. Promote your business to 109,500 potential referrers that might not otherwise know of your presence when you join our network

Save Money

By utilising Medical-Objects secure messaging at your practice, you can eliminate all costs associated with traditional sending and receiving methods. As a result, specialists sending more than 7 letters per week will save money over the cost of sending them traditionally.

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Helpdesk Support

We are dedicated to providing the best service and 5 star rated helpdesk support in the industry. Our unlimited support includes training, installations, and technical assistance during business hours.

Integrates with all major practice software

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